Complete Burner Services in Fort Edward, New York

In addition to providing excellent heating oil service, at McDonald Oil LLC we are also able to provide our heating oil customers with reliable burner services. In addition to providing heating service, we also install and repair air conditioning units to our own customers.

Burner Cleaning

A clean burner can mean a better working burner and may end up saving you on heating oil costs. We recommend setting up annual cleaning and regular maintenance to help ensure your burner will be operating at it's peak performance. Regular cleaning and maintenance may also help with the life of you heating oil system and may help you avoid replacement costs.
Pressure Check - Fort Edward, NY - McDonald Oil LLC
Repair Work - Fort Edward, NY - McDonald Oil LLC

Repair Services

At McDonald Oil LLC, we proudly offer repair services of your existing burner. We offer the following burner services and more:
Fuel Oil Filter Replacement
Pump Pressure Testing
Nozzle Replacement
Cleaning of Ignition Systems
Cleaning of Flue Pipes
Oil Tank Inspection
Line Inspection
Control & Switch Testing
After you set up your heating oil services, be sure to inquire about our complete burner service. 518-747-6085